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MapStructs::Def Struct Reference

#include <MapStructure.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual std::string to_string () const
virtual size_t num_children () const
virtual TreeStorenth_child (size_t idx)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TreeStore
virtual size_t idx_of_child (TreeStore *) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void build_schema ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< Lod * > m_lods
std::vector< Fog * > m_fogs
std::vector< Beacon * > m_beacons
std::vector< Sound * > m_sounds
std::vector< TexReplace * > m_texture_replacements
std::vector< Omni * > m_omni
std::vector< Ambient * > m_ambients
std::vector< TintColor * > m_tint_colors
std::vector< Property * > m_properties
std::vector< Group * > m_groups
std::string m_src_name
std::string m_obj_name
std::string m_type_name
uint32_t m_flags

Member Function Documentation

static void MapStructs::Def::build_schema ( )
virtual TreeStore* MapStructs::Def::nth_child ( size_t  idx)

Reimplemented from TreeStore.

virtual size_t MapStructs::Def::num_children ( ) const

Reimplemented from TreeStore.

virtual std::string MapStructs::Def::to_string ( ) const

Reimplemented from TreeStore.

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<Ambient *> MapStructs::Def::m_ambients
std::vector<Beacon *> MapStructs::Def::m_beacons
uint32_t MapStructs::Def::m_flags
std::vector<Fog *> MapStructs::Def::m_fogs
std::vector<Group *> MapStructs::Def::m_groups
std::vector<Lod *> MapStructs::Def::m_lods
std::string MapStructs::Def::m_obj_name
std::vector<Omni *> MapStructs::Def::m_omni
std::vector<Property *> MapStructs::Def::m_properties
std::vector<Sound *> MapStructs::Def::m_sounds
std::string MapStructs::Def::m_src_name
std::vector<TexReplace *> MapStructs::Def::m_texture_replacements
std::vector<TintColor *> MapStructs::Def::m_tint_colors
std::string MapStructs::Def::m_type_name

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