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CharacterData Struct Reference

#include <chardata_definitions.h>

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Public Attributes

uint32_t m_level = 0
uint32_t m_combat_level = 0
uint32_t m_experience_points = 0
uint32_t m_experience_debt = 0
uint32_t m_experience_patrol = 0
uint32_t m_influence = 0
bool m_has_titles
bool m_has_the_prefix = false
QString m_titles [3]
QString m_battle_cry
QString m_character_description
bool m_afk = false
QString m_afk_msg
bool m_lfg = false
QString m_alignment = "hero"
uint64_t m_last_costume_id
QString m_last_online
QString m_class_name
QString m_origin_name
QString m_mapName
uint32_t m_mapIdx
bool m_supergroup_costume
bool m_using_sg_costume
Sidekick m_sidekick
FriendsList m_friendlist

Static Public Attributes

static const constexpr uint32_t class_version = 3

Member Data Documentation

bool CharacterData::m_afk = false
QString CharacterData::m_afk_msg
QString CharacterData::m_alignment = "hero"
QString CharacterData::m_battle_cry
QString CharacterData::m_character_description
QString CharacterData::m_class_name
uint32_t CharacterData::m_combat_level = 0
uint32_t CharacterData::m_experience_debt = 0
uint32_t CharacterData::m_experience_patrol = 0
uint32_t CharacterData::m_experience_points = 0
FriendsList CharacterData::m_friendlist
bool CharacterData::m_has_the_prefix = false
bool CharacterData::m_has_titles
uint32_t CharacterData::m_influence = 0
uint64_t CharacterData::m_last_costume_id
QString CharacterData::m_last_online
uint32_t CharacterData::m_level = 0
bool CharacterData::m_lfg = false
uint32_t CharacterData::m_mapIdx
QString CharacterData::m_mapName
QString CharacterData::m_origin_name
Sidekick CharacterData::m_sidekick
bool CharacterData::m_supergroup_costume
QString CharacterData::m_titles[3]
bool CharacterData::m_using_sg_costume

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