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shop_definitions.h File Reference
#include <QtCore/QString>
#include <vector>
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struct  ItemPower_Data
struct  ShopItemInfo_Data
struct  ShopBuySell_Data
struct  ShopItem_Data
struct  Shop_Data
struct  ShopDeptName_Data


using AllShopItems_Data = std::vector< ShopItemInfo_Data >
using AllShops_Data = std::vector< Shop_Data >
using AllShopDepts_Data = std::vector< ShopDeptName_Data >

Typedef Documentation

◆ AllShopDepts_Data

using AllShopDepts_Data = std::vector<ShopDeptName_Data>

◆ AllShopItems_Data

using AllShopItems_Data = std::vector<ShopItemInfo_Data>

◆ AllShops_Data

using AllShops_Data = std::vector<Shop_Data>