SEGS  0.6.1-develop [d2cac982]
Super Entity Game Server
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1 /*
2  * SEGS - Super Entity Game Server
3  *
4  * Copyright (c) 2006 - 2019 SEGS Team (see
5  * This software is licensed under the terms of the 3-clause BSD License. See for details.
6  */
8 #pragma once
9 #include <stdint.h>
11 class QString;
12 class GUIWindow;
13 class GUISettings;
15 template<class Archive>
16 void serialize(Archive &archive, GUISettings &gui, uint32_t const version);
18 void saveTo(const GUISettings &target,const QString &baseName,bool text_format=false);
20 void serializeToDb(const GUISettings &data, QString &tgt);
21 void serializeFromDb(GUISettings &data, const QString &src);
Definition: gui_definitions.h:129
archive(cereal::make_nvp("OriginIdx", ed.m_origin_idx))
void serialize(Archive &archive, GUISettings &gui, uint32_t const version)
Definition: gui_definitions.h:80
void serializeFromDb(GUISettings &data, const QString &src)
Definition: gui_serializers.cpp:59
void serializeToDb(const GUISettings &data, QString &tgt)
Definition: gui_serializers.cpp:49
void saveTo(const GUISettings &target, const QString &baseName, bool text_format=false)
Definition: gui_serializers.cpp:42
GUISettings & gui
Definition: gui_serializers.cpp:22
EntityData uint32_t const version
Definition: entitydata_serializers.cpp:25