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Super Entity Game Server
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SceneEvent Class Reference

#include <SceneEvent.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SceneEvent ()
void serializefrom (BitStream &src)
void serializeto (BitStream &tgt) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SEGSEvent
virtual ~SEGSEvent ()
 SEGSEvent (uint32_t evtype, EventProcessor *ev_src=nullptr)
SEGSEventshallow_copy ()
void release ()
int get_ref_count () const
void src (EventProcessor *ev_src)
EventProcessorsrc () const
uint32_t type () const
virtual const char * info ()

Public Attributes

QString m_map_desc
uint32_t ref_count
int ref_crc
int var_4
bool m_outdoor_mission_map
bool current_map_flags
size_t num_base_elems
int undos_PP
bool var_14
std::vector< QString > m_trays
std::vector< uint32_t > m_crc
std::vector< MapRefm_refs
int unkn1
int m_map_number
bool unkn2

Protected Member Functions

void getGrpElem (BitStream &src, int idx)
void reqWorldUpdateIfPak (BitStream &src)
void groupnetrecv_5 (BitStream &src, int a, int b)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from SEGSEvent
static SEGSEvent s_ev_finish
- Protected Attributes inherited from SEGSEvent
const uint32_t m_type
std::atomic< int > m_ref_count {1}

Member Data Documentation

bool SceneEvent::current_map_flags
std::vector<uint32_t> SceneEvent::m_crc
QString SceneEvent::m_map_desc
int SceneEvent::m_map_number
bool SceneEvent::m_outdoor_mission_map
std::vector<MapRef> SceneEvent::m_refs
std::vector<QString> SceneEvent::m_trays
size_t SceneEvent::num_base_elems
uint32_t SceneEvent::ref_count
int SceneEvent::ref_crc
int SceneEvent::undos_PP
int SceneEvent::unkn1
bool SceneEvent::unkn2
bool SceneEvent::var_14
int SceneEvent::var_4

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