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Super Entity Game Server
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MapInstance Class Referencefinal

#include <MapInstance.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MapInstance (const QString &name, const ListenAndLocationAddresses &listen_addr)
 this value is sent to the clients More...
 ~MapInstance () override
void dispatch (SEGSEvent *ev) override
void enqueue_client (MapClientSession *clnt)
void start ()
const QString & name () const
uint32_t index () const
void spin_down ()
 This function should stop the world simulation, and save all entities to db It is meant to be ran when MapInstance is getting scrubbed for reuse. More...
bool spin_up_for (uint8_t game_server_id, uint32_t owner_id, uint32_t instance_id)
 This function should prepare the map for use by the specified game server. More...
const MapServerDataserverData () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventProcessor
int open (void *args=nullptr)
int handle_timeout (const ACE_Time_Value &current_time, const void *act)
virtual bool per_thread_setup ()

Public Attributes

SessionStore m_session_store
EntityManager m_entities
ScriptEnginePtr m_scripting_interface
MapLinkEndpointm_endpoint = nullptr
ListenAndLocationAddresses m_addresses

Protected Member Functions

void reap_stale_links ()
void on_client_connected_to_other_server (ClientConnectedMessage *ev)
void on_client_disconnected_from_other_server (ClientDisconnectedMessage *ev)
void process_chat (MapClientSession *sender, QString &msg_text)
void on_name_clash_check_result (WouldNameDuplicateResponse *ev)
void on_character_created (CreateNewCharacterResponse *ev)
void on_entity_response (GetEntityResponse *ev)
void on_expect_client (ExpectMapClientRequest *ev)
void on_link_lost (SEGSEvent *ev)
void on_disconnect (class DisconnectRequest *ev)
void on_scene_request (class SceneRequest *ev)
void on_entities_request (class EntitiesRequest *ev)
void on_create_map_entity (class NewEntity *ev)
void on_timeout (TimerEvent *ev)
 Handle instance-wide timers. More...
void on_combine_boosts (class CombineRequest *)
void on_input_state (InputState *st)
void on_idle (IdleEvent *ev)
void on_shortcuts_request (class ShortcutsRequest *ev)
void sendState ()
void on_cookie_confirm (class CookieRequest *ev)
void on_window_state (class WindowState *ev)
void on_console_command (class ConsoleCommand *ev)
void on_client_quit (class ClientQuit *ev)
void on_connection_request (class ConnectRequest *ev)
void on_command_chat_divider_moved (class ChatDividerMoved *ev)
void on_minimap_state (class MiniMapState *ev)
void on_client_resumed (class ClientResumedRendering *ev)
void on_location_visited (class LocationVisited *ev)
void on_plaque_visited (class PlaqueVisited *ev)
void on_inspiration_dockmode (class InspirationDockMode *ev)
void on_enter_door (class EnterDoor *ev)
void on_change_stance (class ChangeStance *ev)
void on_set_destination (class SetDestination *ev)
void on_abort_queued_power (class AbortQueuedPower *ev)
void on_description_and_battlecry (class DescriptionAndBattleCry *ev)
void on_entity_info_request (class EntityInfoRequest *ev)
void on_chat_reconfigured (class ChatReconfigure *ev)
void on_switch_viewpoint (class SwitchViewPoint *ev)
void on_client_options (class SaveClientOptions *ev)
void on_set_default_power_send (class SetDefaultPowerSend *ev)
void on_set_default_power (class SetDefaultPower *ev)
void on_unqueue_all (class UnqueueAll *ev)
void on_target_chat_channel_selected (class TargetChatChannelSelected *ev)
void on_activate_inspiration (class ActivateInspiration *ev)
void on_powers_dockmode (class PowersDockMode *ev)
void on_switch_tray (class SwitchTray *ev)
void on_select_keybind_profile (class SelectKeybindProfile *ev)
void on_reset_keybinds (class ResetKeybinds *ev)
void on_set_keybind (class SetKeybind *ev)
void on_remove_keybind (class RemoveKeybind *ev)
void on_emote_command (const QString &command, Entity *ent)
void on_interact_with (class InteractWithEntity *ev)

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t MapInstance::index ( ) const

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const QString& MapInstance::name ( ) const

Here is the caller graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

ListenAndLocationAddresses MapInstance::m_addresses
MapLinkEndpoint* MapInstance::m_endpoint = nullptr
EntityManager MapInstance::m_entities
ScriptEnginePtr MapInstance::m_scripting_interface
SessionStore MapInstance::m_session_store

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