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CrudP_Protocol Class Reference

#include <CRUDP_Protocol.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ~CrudP_Protocol ()
void setCodec (PacketCodecNull *codec)
PacketCodecNullgetCodec () const
size_t AvailablePackets () const
size_t UnackedPacketCount () const
size_t GetUnsentPackets (std::list< CrudP_Packet * > &)
void ReceivedBlock (BitStream &bs)
bool SendPacket (CrudP_Packet *p)
 add the given packet to the send queue of this link, if large payload - split it into mulitple CRUDP packets More...
CrudP_PacketRecvPacket ()
 this gets next packet in sequence, More...
bool batchSend (lCrudP_Packet &tgt)
bool isUnresponsiveLink ()
 CrudP_Protocol::isUnresponsiveLink. More...

Protected Member Functions

void sendRaw (CrudP_Packet *pak, lCrudP_Packet &tgt)
void processRetransmits ()
 Finds packets that need to be retransmitted and wraps them in protocol related bits. More...
CrudP_PacketwrapPacket (CrudP_Packet *p)
 create a copy of the packet and then wrap it's content in protocol related parts. More...
void parseAcks (BitStream &src, CrudP_Packet *tgt)
void storeAcks (BitStream &bs)
void PushRecvPacket (CrudP_Packet *a)
void PacketAck (uint32_t)
 this acknowledges that packet with id was successfully received => acknowledged packet is removed from send queue More...
void clearQueues (bool recv, bool clear_send_queue)


void PacketSibDestroyer (const std::pair< int, pPacketStorage > &a)

Member Function Documentation

size_t CrudP_Protocol::AvailablePackets ( ) const
PacketCodecNull* CrudP_Protocol::getCodec ( ) const
size_t CrudP_Protocol::GetUnsentPackets ( std::list< CrudP_Packet * > &  )
void CrudP_Protocol::setCodec ( PacketCodecNull codec)

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size_t CrudP_Protocol::UnackedPacketCount ( ) const

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Friends And Related Function Documentation

void PacketSibDestroyer ( const std::pair< int, pPacketStorage > &  a)

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