SEGS  0.4.2
Super Entity Game Server
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AuthHandler Class Reference

#include <AuthHandler.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AuthHandler (AuthServer *our_server)
- Public Member Functions inherited from EventProcessor
int open (void *args=nullptr)
int handle_timeout (const ACE_Time_Value &current_time, const void *act)
virtual bool per_thread_setup ()

Protected Member Functions

bool isClientConnectedAnywhere (uint32_t client_id)
void reap_stale_links ()
void on_timeout (TimerEvent *ev)
void on_server_status_change (GameServerStatusMessage *ev)
void auth_error (EventProcessor *lnk, uint32_t code)
void on_connect (ConnectEvent *ev)
void on_disconnect (DisconnectEvent *ev)
void on_login (LoginRequest *ev)
void on_server_list_request (ServerListRequest *ev)
void on_server_selected (ServerSelectRequest *ev)
void on_retrieve_account_response (RetrieveAccountResponse *msg)
 This function handles database server informing us about account details. More...
void on_client_expected (ExpectClientResponse *ev)
void on_client_connected_to_other_server (ClientConnectedMessage *ev)
void on_client_disconnected_from_other_server (ClientDisconnectedMessage *ev)
void on_db_error (AuthDbErrorMessage *ev)
void dispatch (SEGSEvent *ev) override

Protected Attributes

MessageBusEndpoint m_message_bus_endpoint
SessionStore m_sessions
AuthServerm_authserv = nullptr
ACE_Thread_Mutex m_server_mutex
ServerMap m_known_game_servers

Static Protected Attributes

static uint64_t s_last_session_id =1
 Monotonically incrementing session ids, starting at 1, to make 0 special. More...

Member Data Documentation

AuthServer* AuthHandler::m_authserv = nullptr
ServerMap AuthHandler::m_known_game_servers
MessageBusEndpoint AuthHandler::m_message_bus_endpoint
ACE_Thread_Mutex AuthHandler::m_server_mutex
SessionStore AuthHandler::m_sessions

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