SEGS  0.6.1-develop [d2cac982]
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StateInterpolator.h File Reference
#include "CommonNetStructures.h"
#include <array>
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struct  BinTreeEntry


void interpolatePosUpdates (Entity *e, std::array< BinTreeEntry, 7 > &server_pos_update)
std::array< BinTreeEntry, 7 > interpolateBinTree (std::array< PosUpdate, 64 > vals, float min_error)
void entCalcInterp (Entity *ent, glm::mat4 *mat4, uint32_t time, glm::vec3 *next_pyr)
int storeBinTreesResult (BitStream &bs, const std::array< BinTreeEntry, 7 > &bintree)
int runTest (Entity &e)


bool g_interpolating
uint8_t g_interpolation_level
uint8_t g_interpolation_bits