SEGS  0.4.2
Super Entity Game Server
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DataHelpers.h File Reference
#include "Events/MessageChannels.h"
#include "glm/vec3.hpp"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <QString>
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uint32_t getIdx (const Entity &e)
uint32_t getDbId (const Entity &e)
uint32_t getAccessLevel (const Entity &e)
uint32_t getTargetIdx (const Entity &e)
uint32_t getAssistTargetIdx (const Entity &e)
glm::vec3 getSpeed (const Entity &e)
float getBackupSpd (const Entity &e)
float getJumpHeight (const Entity &e)
uint8_t getUpdateId (const Entity &e)
void setDbId (Entity &e, uint8_t val)
void setMapIdx (Entity &e, uint32_t val)
void setSpeed (Entity &e, float v1, float v2, float v3)
void setBackupSpd (Entity &e, float val)
void setJumpHeight (Entity &e, float val)
void setUpdateID (Entity &e, uint8_t val)
void setTeamID (Entity &e, uint8_t team_id)
void setSuperGroup (Entity &e, int sg_id=0, QString sg_name="", uint32_t sg_rank=3)
void setAssistTarget (Entity &e)
void setu3 (Entity &e, int val)
void toggleFly (Entity &e)
void toggleFalling (Entity &e)
void toggleJumping (Entity &e)
void toggleSliding (Entity &e)
void toggleStunned (Entity &e)
void toggleJumppack (Entity &e)
void toggleControlsDisabled (Entity &e)
void toggleFullUpdate (Entity &e)
void toggleControlId (Entity &e)
void charUpdateDB (Entity *e)
void charUpdateGUI (Entity *e)
int getEntityOriginIndex (bool is_player, const QString &origin_name)
int getEntityClassIndex (bool is_player, const QString &class_name)
EntitygetEntity (MapClientSession *src, const QString &name)
EntitygetEntity (MapClientSession *src, uint32_t idx)
EntitygetEntityByDBID (MapClientSession *src, uint32_t idx)
void sendServerMOTD (MapClientSession *tgt)
uint32_t getLevel (const Character &c)
uint32_t getCombatLevel (const Character &c)
float getHP (const Character &c)
float getEnd (const Character &c)
uint64_t getLastCostumeId (const Character &c)
const QString & getOrigin (const Character &c)
const QString & getClass (const Character &c)
const QString & getMapName (const Character &c)
uint32_t getXP (const Character &c)
uint32_t getDebt (const Character &c)
uint32_t getPatrolXP (const Character &c)
const QString & getGenericTitle (const Character &c)
const QString & getOriginTitle (const Character &c)
const QString & getSpecialTitle (const Character &c)
uint32_t getInf (const Character &c)
const QString & getDescription (const Character &c)
const QString & getBattleCry (const Character &c)
const QString & getAlignment (const Character &c)
void setLevel (Character &c, uint32_t val)
void setCombatLevel (Character &c, uint32_t val)
void setHP (Character &c, float val)
void setEnd (Character &c, float val)
void setLastCostumeId (Character &c, uint64_t val)
void setMapName (Character &c, const QString &val)
void setXP (Character &c, uint32_t val)
void setDebt (Character &c, uint32_t val)
void setTitles (Character &c, bool prefix=false, QString generic="", QString origin="", QString special="")
void setInf (Character &c, uint32_t val)
void setDescription (Character &c, QString val)
void setBattleCry (Character &c, QString val)
void toggleAFK (Character &c, const QString &msg="")
void toggleTeamBuffs (PlayerData &c)
void toggleLFG (Entity &e)
void messageOutput (MessageChannel ch, QString &msg, Entity &tgt)
void sendFloatingNumbers (Entity *src, uint32_t tgt_idx, int32_t amount)
void sendFriendsListUpdate (Entity *src, FriendsList *friends_list)
void sendSidekickOffer (Entity *tgt, uint32_t src_db_id)
void sendTeamLooking (Entity *tgt)
void sendTeamOffer (Entity *src, Entity *tgt)
void sendEmailHeaders (Entity *e)
void readEmailMessage (Entity *e, const int id)