SEGS  0.6.1-develop [d2cac982]
Super Entity Game Server
DataHelpers.cpp File Reference
#include "DataHelpers.h"
#include "MapServer.h"
#include "MapInstance.h"
#include "MessageHelpers.h"
#include "TimeHelpers.h"
#include "GameData/GameDataStore.h"
#include "GameData/ClientStates.h"
#include "GameData/map_definitions.h"
#include "GameData/playerdata_definitions.h"
#include "GameData/power_definitions.h"
#include "Common/GameData/CharacterHelpers.h"
#include "Common/GameData/Character.h"
#include "Common/GameData/EntityHelpers.h"
#include "Common/GameData/Team.h"
#include "Common/GameData/LFG.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/ClueList.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/ContactList.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/ConsoleMessages.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/EmailHeaders.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/EmailRead.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/ForceLogout.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/SendVisitLocation.h"
#include "Common/Messages/EmailService/EmailEvents.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/MapEvents.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/StoresEvents.h"
#include "Common/Messages/Map/Tasks.h"
#include "Logging.h"
#include <QtCore/QFile>
#include <QtCore/QFileInfo>
#include <QtCore/QDebug>
#include <random>
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void toggleLFG (Entity &e)
EntitygetEntity (MapClientSession *src, const QString &name)
EntitygetEntity (MapClientSession *src, uint32_t idx)
EntitygetEntity (MapInstance *mi, uint32_t idx)
EntitygetEntityByDBID (MapInstance *mi, uint32_t db_id)
 Finds the Entity in the MapInstance. More...
void sendMissionObjectiveTimer (MapClientSession &sess, QString &message, float time)
void sendServerMOTD (MapClientSession *tgt)
void positionTest (MapClientSession *tgt)
bool isFriendOnline (Entity &src, uint32_t db_id)
void setInterpolationSettings (MapClientSession *sess, const bool active, const uint8_t level, const uint8_t bits)
QString createMapMenu ()
QString createKioskMessage (Entity *player)
void getEmailHeaders (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendEmail (MapClientSession &sess, QString recipient_name, QString subject, QString message)
void readEmailMessage (MapClientSession &sess, const uint32_t email_id)
void deleteEmailHeaders (MapClientSession &sess, const uint32_t email_id)
void sendTimeStateLog (MapClientSession &sess, uint32_t control_log)
void sendTimeUpdate (MapClientSession &sess, int32_t sec_since_jan_1_2000)
void sendClientState (MapClientSession &sess, ClientStates client_state)
void showMapXferList (MapClientSession &sess, bool has_location, glm::vec3 &location, QString &name)
void sendFloatingInfo (MapClientSession &sess, QString &msg, FloatingInfoStyle style, float delay)
void sendFloatingNumbers (MapClientSession &sess, uint32_t tgt_idx, int32_t amount)
void sendLevelUp (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendEnhanceCombineResponse (MapClientSession &sess, bool success, bool destroy)
void sendChangeTitle (MapClientSession &sess, bool select_origin)
void sendTrayAdd (MapClientSession &sess, uint32_t pset_idx, uint32_t pow_idx)
void sendFriendsListUpdate (MapClientSession &sess, const FriendsList &friends_list)
void sendSidekickOffer (MapClientSession &sess, uint32_t src_db_id)
void sendTeamLooking (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendTeamOffer (MapClientSession &src, MapClientSession &tgt)
void sendFaceEntity (MapClientSession &sess, int32_t tgt_idx)
void sendFaceLocation (MapClientSession &sess, glm::vec3 &loc)
void sendDoorMessage (MapClientSession &sess, uint32_t delay_status, QString &msg)
void sendBrowser (MapClientSession &sess, QString &content)
void sendTailorOpen (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendTradeOffer (MapClientSession &tgt, const QString &name)
void sendTradeInit (MapClientSession &src, MapClientSession &tgt)
void sendTradeCancel (MapClientSession &sess, const QString &msg)
void sendTradeUpdate (MapClientSession &src, MapClientSession &tgt, const TradeMember &trade_src, const TradeMember &trade_tgt)
void sendTradeSuccess (MapClientSession &src, MapClientSession &tgt)
void sendContactDialog (MapClientSession &sess, QString msg_body, std::vector< ContactEntry > active_contacts)
void sendContactDialogYesNoOk (MapClientSession &sess, QString msg_body, bool has_yesno)
void sendContactDialogClose (MapClientSession &sess)
void updateContactStatusList (MapClientSession &sess, const Contact &updated_contact_data)
void sendContactStatusList (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendWaypoint (MapClientSession &sess, int point_idx, glm::vec3 &location)
void sendStance (MapClientSession &sess, PowerStance &stance)
void sendClueList (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendSouvenirList (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendDeadNoGurney (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendDoorAnimStart (MapClientSession &sess, glm::vec3 &entry_pos, glm::vec3 &target_pos, bool has_anims, QString &seq_state)
void sendDoorAnimExit (MapClientSession &sess, bool force_move)
void usePower (Entity &ent, uint32_t pset_idx, uint32_t pow_idx, int32_t tgt_idx, int32_t tgt_id)
void increaseLevel (Entity &ent)
void addNpc (MapClientSession &sess, QString &npc_name, glm::vec3 &loc, int variation, QString &name)
void addNpcWithOrientation (MapClientSession &sess, QString &name, glm::vec3 &loc, int variation, glm::vec3 &ori, QString &npc_name)
void addNpcWithOrientation (MapInstance &mi, QString &name, glm::vec3 &loc, int variation, glm::vec3 &ori, QString &npc_name)
void giveEnhancement (MapClientSession &sess, QString &name, int e_level)
void giveDebt (MapClientSession &sess, int debt)
void giveEnd (MapClientSession &sess, float end)
void giveHp (MapClientSession &sess, float hp)
void giveInsp (MapClientSession &sess, QString &name)
void giveXp (MapClientSession &sess, int xp)
void giveTempPower (MapClientSession *cl, const char *power)
void addListOfTasks (MapClientSession *cl, vTaskList task_list)
void sendUpdateTaskStatusList (MapClientSession &src, Task task)
void selectTask (MapClientSession &src, Task task)
void sendTaskStatusList (MapClientSession &src)
void updateTaskDetail (MapClientSession &src, Task task)
void removeTask (MapClientSession &src, Task task)
void playerTrain (MapClientSession &sess)
void sendKiosk (MapClientSession &cl)
void setTitle (MapClientSession &sess, QString &title)
void showMapMenu (MapClientSession &sess)
void addClue (MapClientSession &cl, Clue clue)
void removeClue (MapClientSession &cl, Clue clue)
void addSouvenir (MapClientSession &cl, Souvenir souvenir)
void removeSouvenir (MapClientSession &cl, Souvenir souvenir)
void removeContact (MapClientSession &sess, Contact contact)
void revive (MapClientSession *cl, int revive_lvl)
void logSpawnLocations (MapClientSession &cl, const char *spawn_type)
void respawn (MapClientSession &cl, const char *spawn_type)
void openStore (MapClientSession &sess, int entity_idx)
void modifyInf (MapClientSession &sess, int amount)
void sendForceLogout (MapClientSession &cl, QString &player_name, QString &logout_message)
void sendLocation (MapClientSession &cl, VisitLocation location)
void sendDeveloperConsoleOutput (MapClientSession &cl, QString &message)
void sendClientConsoleOutput (MapClientSession &cl, QString &message)
void npcSendMessage (MapClientSession &cl, QString &channel, int entityIdx, QString &message)
void npcSendMessage (MapInstance &mi, QString &channel, int entityIdx, QString &message)
void addRelayRaceResult (MapClientSession &cl, RelayRaceResult &raceResult)
void addHideAndSeekResult (MapClientSession &cl, int points)
RelayRaceResult getRelayRaceResult (MapClientSession &cl, int segment)
void addEnemy (MapInstance &mi, QString &name, glm::vec3 &loc, int variation, glm::vec3 &ori, QString &npc_name, int level, QString &faction_name, int f_rank)
void addVictim (MapInstance &mi, QString &name, glm::vec3 &loc, int variation, glm::vec3 &ori, QString &npc_name)