SEGS  0.6.1-develop [d2cac982]
Super Entity Game Server
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CommonNetStructures.h File Reference
#include <glm/vec3.hpp>
#include <glm/mat4x3.hpp>
#include "BitStream.h"
#include "Common/GameData/CoXHash.h"
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class  TransformStruct
class  ColorAndPartPacker
 The ColorAndPartPacker class is responsible for packing/unpacking colors and part names from BitStream. More...
class  IndexedStringPacker
 The IndexedStringPacker class is responsible for storing a mapping from string to index So when sending a new string to the client, the contents can be sent only once, and afterwards the index is used instead. More...


void storeBitsConditional (BitStream &bs, uint8_t numbits, int bits)
int getBitsConditional (BitStream &bs, uint32_t numbits)
void storePackedBitsConditional (BitStream &bs, uint8_t numbits, int bits)
void storeFloatConditional (BitStream &bs, float val)
void storeFloatPacked (BitStream &bs, float val)
int getPackedBitsConditional (BitStream &bs, uint8_t numbits)
void storeStringConditional (BitStream &bs, const QString &str)
void storeVector (BitStream &bs, glm::vec3 &vec)
void storeVectorConditional (BitStream &bs, glm::vec3 &vec)
void storeTransformMatrix (BitStream &tgt, const glm::mat4x3 &src)
void storeTransformMatrix (BitStream &tgt, const TransformStruct &src)
void getTransformMatrix (BitStream &bs, glm::mat4x3 &src)
void storeCached_Color (BitStream &bs, uint32_t col, ColorHash &color_hash, uint32_t bitcount)
void storeCached_String (BitStream &bs, const QString &str, const StringHash &string_hash, uint32_t bitc)
uint32_t getCached_Color (BitStream &bs, ColorHash &color_hash, uint32_t bitcount)
QString getCached_String (BitStream &bs, const StringHash &string_hash, uint32_t bitcount)

Function Documentation

◆ getCached_Color()

uint32_t getCached_Color ( BitStream bs,
ColorHash color_hash,
uint32_t  bitcount 

◆ getCached_String()

QString getCached_String ( BitStream bs,
const StringHash string_hash,
uint32_t  bitcount 

◆ storeCached_Color()

void storeCached_Color ( BitStream bs,
uint32_t  col,
ColorHash color_hash,
uint32_t  bitcount 

◆ storeCached_String()

void storeCached_String ( BitStream bs,
const QString &  str,
const StringHash string_hash,
uint32_t  bitc