SEGS  0.4.2
Super Entity Game Server
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CoHModelLoader.cpp File Reference
#include "CoHModelLoader.h"
#include "CohModelConverter.h"
#include "CoHSceneConverter.h"
#include "CohTextureConverter.h"
#include "GameData/DataStorage.h"
#include "GameData/trick_definitions.h"
#include "GameData/trick_serializers.h"
#include "Lutefisk3D/Graphics/Tangent.h"
#include <QFile>
#include <QDebug>
#include <QDir>
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enum  UnpackMode


void geosetLoadData (QFile &fp, ConvertedGeoSet *geoset)
CoHModelgroupModelFind (const QString &a1)
bool prepareGeoLookupArray ()
GeometryModifiersfindGeomModifier (const QString &modelname, const QString &trick_path)
GeoStoreDefgroupGetFileEntryPtr (const QString &a1)
ConvertedGeoSetgeosetLoad (const QString &m)
 load the given geoset, used when loading scene-subgraph and nodes More...
std::unique_ptr< VBOPointersgetVBO (CoHModel &model)
float * combineBuffers (VBOPointers &meshdata, CoHModel *mdl)
void initLoadedModel (std::function< TextureWrapper(const QString &)> funcloader, CoHModel *model, const std::vector< TextureWrapper > &textures)


QString basepath

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum UnpackMode